P.A.S.S. Portal

Project Details

Integrated with Facebook, this portal allows people to create events and claim seats in the cars of P.A.S.S. nominees (Person Appointed to Stay Sober).

  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Events created through the P.A.S.S. app appear in users’ Facebook events
  • Users can offer to drive (as a P.A.S.S.) or can choose seats in available vehicles
  • Users who choose to be a P.A.S.S. can enter their driving details for others to see (how many people they can fit in their car, where they are willing to drive).

CURTIS Digital partnered with ThinkStreet to create a portal where groups could create and manage events and claim seats in the vehicles of P.A.S.S. drivers. Integrated with Facebook the system can turn any Facebook event into a P.A.S.S. event so invited friends can find a safe ride home.

The system displays a list of events that a user has been invited to or created and tracks RSVP status. Any invited event member can elect to be a P.A.S.S. or say they need a ride. P.A.S.S. drivers enter their vehicle information such as the number of passengers they can carry and request a small donation per seat. Drivers can set a minimum number of people they need in order to be a driver – once friends claim these seats the driver is alerted and the car is active in the system.

The system is also integrated with YELP based on event location and displays numbers for local cab companies to encourage all group members to find a safe ride home.

Build using Bootstrap, the site is responsive and can be used from almost any smart phone, tablet, and computer.

The Technology we used

.NET, SQL, Bootstrap, MVC, CSS3, jQuery