• Apple WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Feature Police

    10 June 2013
    Taking a cue from fashion bloggers across the web, CURTIS Digital polled our mobile enthusiasts about a few of the major features of the newly announced iOS 7 from the Apple WWDC 2013 Conference. Here are their thoughts! Our contributors:John Curtis, CURTIS Digital CEO – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Esther Turner, V.P. of Operations – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Jenny Elder, Project Manager – personal Android User, PM for several iOS applications Michael Liu, Business Analyst – personal Android User, BA for iOS and Android apps Justin Kerr, Project Assistant – personal Android User, PA for several iOS applications1.… keep reading
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  • MTV Names Artist Growth Best Music App

    23 August 2012
    Austin, TX – CURTIS Digital, a leading technology service company, is proud to announce the app it developed for Artist Growth has been named Best Music App by the MTV O Music Awards. Artist Growth is a revolutionary mobile software platform of intuitive tools that easily manage all of the daily tasks facing musicians-from aspiring amateurs to seasoned talents. Users can monitor all daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects and steadily grow business, all from one robust interface. MTV’s O Music Awards celebrates the best in digital music.… keep reading
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  • Reasons to Have UX in the Development Cycle

    Most technology products are designed to be used by a person, making the analysis of user experience (UX) an important factor in their design and development. UX is more than just designing a good user interface, a stylish and eye-pleasing design, usability testing, bug fixing, or customer satisfaction. The concept is a comprehensive approach to making the user’s time with the program enjoyable and entice the user to continue using the program for the task it was designed for. Beyond making a program functional, UX goes into the realm of monitoring users’ feelings and emotions while using a system or product.… keep reading
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