• Improving User Experience, One Field at a Time – Again

    CURTIS Digital User Experience one field at a time
    Most of the systems we develop here are CURTIS Digital now have a input pattern around Twitter handle inputs, e.g., @quotientaustin or @social_quotient . This is commonly found in a user profile management screen, a content management system CMS form, or integrated systems where several Twitter handles are parsed for data to present in another context. There are several common ways to approach this request to the user.Text input box with each handle separated by a comma Text area with each item on a new row A repeating text input – so users can keep adding another Tag inputWe find that users often have issues with these input criteria – similar to the input of http:// found in our previous post , users are unsure if they need to enter the @ sign or just the name as they copy from other sources.… keep reading
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  • Apple WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Feature Police

    10 June 2013
    Taking a cue from fashion bloggers across the web, CURTIS Digital polled our mobile enthusiasts about a few of the major features of the newly announced iOS 7 from the Apple WWDC 2013 Conference. Here are their thoughts! Our contributors:John Curtis, CURTIS Digital CEO – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Esther Turner, V.P. of Operations – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Jenny Elder, Project Manager – personal Android User, PM for several iOS applications Michael Liu, Business Analyst – personal Android User, BA for iOS and Android apps Justin Kerr, Project Assistant – personal Android User, PA for several iOS applications1.… keep reading
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  • MTV Names Artist Growth Best Music App

    23 August 2012
    Austin, TX – CURTIS Digital, a leading technology service company, is proud to announce the app it developed for Artist Growth has been named Best Music App by the MTV O Music Awards. Artist Growth is a revolutionary mobile software platform of intuitive tools that easily manage all of the daily tasks facing musicians-from aspiring amateurs to seasoned talents. Users can monitor all daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects and steadily grow business, all from one robust interface. MTV’s O Music Awards celebrates the best in digital music.… keep reading
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  • Should a UX Designer Know How to Code?

    31 July 2012
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    Is the architect expected to know everything about construction or welding? This topic of discussion has been passed around the Internet for quite a few years now and elicits passionate responses from both sides as well as every point of view somewhere in the middle. Here at CURTIS Digital it comes up often just because we are super passionate about both disciplines – plus we love to talk about process and thought-provoking, controversial stuff. If you talk to recruiters or browse through the plethora of job opportunities you’ll definitely notice this nagging trend — in the ever-growing list of expected skills and responsibilities lurks: Proficiency in HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript Required What?… keep reading
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  • Reasons to Have UX in the Development Cycle

    Most technology products are designed to be used by a person, making the analysis of user experience (UX) an important factor in their design and development. UX is more than just designing a good user interface, a stylish and eye-pleasing design, usability testing, bug fixing, or customer satisfaction. The concept is a comprehensive approach to making the user’s time with the program enjoyable and entice the user to continue using the program for the task it was designed for. Beyond making a program functional, UX goes into the realm of monitoring users’ feelings and emotions while using a system or product.… keep reading
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  • Why is Webpage Optimization (WPO) Needed?

    25 June 2012
    “First and foremost, we believe that speed is more than a feature. Speed is the most important feature.” Fred Wilson, Tech Venture Capitalist, Future of Web Apps Conference 2010 What is Web Performance Optimization? Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is the process by which individual aspects of web pages are optimized to improve site performance. The term is often used interchangeably with that of search engine optimization (SEO), but it is actually much more focused than that. While the broader strategies for SEO involve several external aspects like social media participation, link building and content, web performance optimization concentrates on optimizing and improving the internal metrics affecting the speed of a site.… keep reading
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  • Aligning Principles of Agile Development to the Work of UX Practictioners

    25 June 2012
    Agile development is collaboration… Being a newbie to User Experience Design (UX), I find myself working very hard to gain a greater understanding of software development and the needs of the development team. Now, of course, in more recent years I’ve also seen a significant focus on the application of agile development methodologies. In an effort to familiarize myself with  Principles of Agile Development, I researched modern applications. My understanding is that the focus of these principles is on these attributes: collaboration, expedition, simplicity, adaptability, viability and sustainability; all of course in the name of exceeding the needs of the client.… keep reading
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