• OpenStack: Havana is Released!

    22 October 2013
    OpenStack Overview If you’ve been online at all in the past several years, you have undoubtedly heard about “The Cloud”. Cloud computing is essentially the method by which we can harness the power of many individual computers by combining that power into one amorphous blob (or “cloud”) of computational ability.  We can then use this blob to create & run virtual machines that will make up the server infrastructure for a given project. Essentially, the goal is to make creation & deployment of servers as easy as selecting a dropdown from a simple web form.… keep reading
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  • Twitter’s Recent API Changes and How It Affects Your Business

    21 September 2012
    Twitter has made indefinite changes to the way third-party apps use Twitter’s application interface (API). Although warning went out this summer that the change was coming, no one expected it to be this drastic. How drastic the changes are and how these changes will affect your business depends on several aspects, which I’ll outline here. Say it isn’t so. Sorry, but it is. Twitter has made indefinite changes to the way third-party apps use Twitter’s application interface (API). Although warning went out this summer that the change was coming, no one expected it to be this drastic.… keep reading
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  • Findability vs. Searchability – What’s the Difference and Why Should You Care?

    20 September 2012
    Far too often the terms “findability” and “searchability” are used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? The answer in short-no, but why should you care? Although the words find and search are used as synonyms, there is a big difference between something being findable and something being searchable. The difference in these terms are as stark as day and night and if you don’t have a balanced mix your page could be sitting underexposed in Google’s Search waiting to be discovered.… keep reading
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  • Amazon Solid State Drive Benchmarks

    24 August 2012
    One big missing feature from the cloud and namely Amazon was its disk speed or disk i/o performance. Here at CURTIS Digital we care a lot of about speed, as an early adopter of solid state drives I have been on the lookout for a server offering more specifically a cloud offering that could let us leverage the speed we have on all of our workstations for our deployed applications. This would also alleviate a lot of the diskI/O related limitations and obstacles associated with the cloud.… keep reading
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  • MTV Names Artist Growth Best Music App

    23 August 2012
    Austin, TX – CURTIS Digital, a leading technology service company, is proud to announce the app it developed for Artist Growth has been named Best Music App by the MTV O Music Awards. Artist Growth is a revolutionary mobile software platform of intuitive tools that easily manage all of the daily tasks facing musicians-from aspiring amateurs to seasoned talents. Users can monitor all daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects and steadily grow business, all from one robust interface. MTV’s O Music Awards celebrates the best in digital music.… keep reading
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  • AWS Glacier – Big & Slow But Cost-Effective & Good

    22 August 2012
    When it comes to cloud services and software, Amazon has been one of the pack leaders for quite some time. The company recently released a new cloud storage service that promises to revolutionize how businesses consider their backup needs. Below is a look at the specifications of Amazon’s Glacier and how it promises to be one of the leading services in cloud data archiving and a vital addition to any company’s IT solutions. A Brief Look at Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS is Amazon’s Cloud service division.… keep reading
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  • Reasons to Have UX in the Development Cycle

    Most technology products are designed to be used by a person, making the analysis of user experience (UX) an important factor in their design and development. UX is more than just designing a good user interface, a stylish and eye-pleasing design, usability testing, bug fixing, or customer satisfaction. The concept is a comprehensive approach to making the user’s time with the program enjoyable and entice the user to continue using the program for the task it was designed for. Beyond making a program functional, UX goes into the realm of monitoring users’ feelings and emotions while using a system or product.… keep reading
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