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Search engine optimization (SEO) means different things to different people, but it can be broadly defined as the practice of optimizing internal and external aspects of a website to improve its visibility to search engines and subsequently increase page views and traffic.

Regardless of whether a site is content or ecommerce based, the power of search should not be underestimated; countless studies have proven that search engine traffic or lack thereof is paramount to success. In April 2012, U.S. search traffic amounted to more than 17 billion searches across the various search platforms; if a website is poorly optimized for search engine visibility, it is missing out on the opportunity to convert a portion of that considerable traffic into customers.

Current SEO Techniques

The days of black hat techniques such as hidden content, keyword stuffing and link farming have no place in the modern landscape. Google is constantly adapting their search algorithm to improve relevance in results. With each improvement is a step towards developing a search engine that thinks more like a human, and in-turn shifting the focus of effective SEO toward legitimate techniques. Careful research, selection and usage of appropriate keywords still plays a major part in any SEO strategy. As does a legitimate link building strategy. Although, the most influential factor in influencing rankings is arguably the provision of shareable content that is informative, unique and of a high standard.

Go Organic

There are considerable benefits to the successful execution of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Basic SEO techniques are easy to learn and put into practice; for the most part they are also free. Optimizing a website to garner the best results from organic search traffic can considerably reduce any required spend on paid search campaigns. Additionally, continued iterations of organic SEO efforts lead to long-lasting results that far surpass those of paid search. Perhaps most importantly, attempts to optimize a website for search engine traffic will also optimize the experience for visitors. Happy visitors equal more social media shares, more exposure and more conversions. It’s a win-win scenario.

A Modern Approach to SEO

A distinguishing factor about CURTIS Digital’s perspective on SEO is that we view it as a complementary discipline to user experience. Essential elements of SEO are applied to the UX design to align with the SEO strategy. And, through web metric analysis, we conduct evaluations of how your website is comparing to your previously established business and UX objectives. We take a truly modernist stance in the practical applications of SEO techniques and work strenuously to stay ahead of the game.

If you’re looking for some winning SEO contenders playing for your team, CURTIS Digital has nothing but first round draft picks.