Data Architecture

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What’s Your most important asset?

If you pose this question to 10 different people, you’ll most likely receive 10 different answers. We surmise that most people will not coin “data” as the most important asset of their organization. However, we believe data is one of the most essential assets in any organization. Without data an organization will not have the ability to make informed decisions for its real purpose or function.

In reality, everything that is done in business, non-profit, social, religious or other organizations is based on using data to complete a task. Whether it’s calling someone on the phone, mailing a letter, writing a report, making a sale, paying a bill, processing payroll or any other organizational activity — data is needed to complete the task. However, most organizations do a very poor job of protecting, utilizing and managing their data. This usually leads to very serious problems.

Most problems and challenges that organizations face on a daily basis can be directly or indirectly linked to data architecture. Frankly, a poor data architecture can literally cost organizations millions of dollars in lost labor hours, employee productivity/revenue or worse, lost opportunity. We specialize in data architecture, which is simply the planning stage for determining how data will be structured, stored, organized, protected, utilized and managed.

CURTIS Digital’s expert data analysts and administrators provide data architecture consulting services that prevent problems, increase productivity and increase revenue. No data architecture project is too complex or too large for our data analyst team. Our experience includes:

  • One Tier Client/Server
  • Two Tier Client/Server
  • N-Tier Client/Server data architecture.
  • Application Logic and other related components

Need a stellar data architecture design? Look no further.