• Improving User Experience, One Field at a Time

    HTTP:// checker Sometimes, users need a little help with inputting full, proper URLs. While working with Dibster, a local start-up MVP client, we ran in to a small usability problem while going through user testing. A lot of the users of the system are non-technical, and we kept finding that they were not inputting URLs the way that our system wanted. For reference, systems typically want something like: http://curtisdigital.wpengine.com vs. quotient.net The common approach to this data problem is to handle it on the back-end during transit to the application or before inserting to the database.… keep reading
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  • SaaS developer CURTIS Digital launches SpeakerStack.com

    8 April 2014
    The Austin Business Journal wrote a feature about SpeakerStack yesterday.  Software development firm CURTIS Digital, Inc.. is releasing its first software package this week, part of a suite of tools targeting the trade show industry. The Austin-based company has developed a workflow management software called SpeakerStack designed for presenters and trade show organizers. The software provides a virtual space in which users can upload material or connect to online storage tools such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. The suite of software is being developed after CURTIS Digital became familiar with industry issues while working with several clients in the trade show industry.… keep reading
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  • CURTIS Digital Labs is Proud to Release First Product – SpeakerStack!

    We know. We’ve been a little radio silent on the blog-front, but not without good reason. We’ve been locked in the lab working on our first CURTIS Digital product, and it’s finally ready for the world to see. We are proud to present SpeakerStack to you today. SpeakerStack is a revolutionary new platform that is aiming to create a seamless experience for conference presenters and show organizers. Both speakers and show organizers know that managing content for a presentation can be difficult.… keep reading
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  • Inspired CSS3 Animation Code

    3 December 2013
    I read and study the designs on Dribbble.com on a daily basis. I came accross a cool animation a few days ago that begged to be coded. Based on the simple design it seemed like it should be doable so I thought I would also take the time to teach myself some animation properties of CSS3. Here is what I ended up based on this awesome inspiration from Robin Andersen http://dribbble.com/shots/829412-iPhone-iPad-Macbook Post by John Curtis, CEO… keep reading
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  • OpenStack: Havana is Released!

    22 October 2013
    OpenStack Overview If you’ve been online at all in the past several years, you have undoubtedly heard about “The Cloud”. Cloud computing is essentially the method by which we can harness the power of many individual computers by combining that power into one amorphous blob (or “cloud”) of computational ability.  We can then use this blob to create & run virtual machines that will make up the server infrastructure for a given project. Essentially, the goal is to make creation & deployment of servers as easy as selecting a dropdown from a simple web form.… keep reading
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  • What CURTIS Digital is Reading: August 2013

    20 August 2013
    TITLE: PROGRAM OR BE PROGRAMMED: 10 COMMANDS FOR A DIGITAL AGE AUTHOR: DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF PUBLISHER: SOFT SKULL PRESS The Internet and I grew up together, and perhaps because of this, I never thought that it was something I would need explicit behavioral guidelines for using. ARPANET passed into the great beyond in the year that I was born, and ISPs crept across America one home at a time. When the World Wide Web made its grand appearance in my house, I was a toddler and too young to use it.… keep reading
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  • Android Studio Released!

    Last month at Google I/O, the Android community announced the release  of their new integrated development environment: Android Studio. Android’s new IDE is based on the popular Java-oriented IDE, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (also free!). Because CURTIS Digital uses IntelliJ IDEA in its arsenal of Android development tools, we’re especially ready to begin tinkering with this new offering. To help get everyone else excited about this early access preview of Android Studio, we’ve outlined some of our favorite features so far.… keep reading
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  • Apple WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Feature Police

    10 June 2013
    Taking a cue from fashion bloggers across the web, CURTIS Digital polled our mobile enthusiasts about a few of the major features of the newly announced iOS 7 from the Apple WWDC 2013 Conference. Here are their thoughts! Our contributors:John Curtis, CURTIS Digital CEO – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Esther Turner, V.P. of Operations – personal iPhone User, iOS and Android guru Jenny Elder, Project Manager – personal Android User, PM for several iOS applications Michael Liu, Business Analyst – personal Android User, BA for iOS and Android apps Justin Kerr, Project Assistant – personal Android User, PA for several iOS applications1.… keep reading
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  • TechCrunch Austin Meetup and Pitch-Off

    31 May 2013
    It’s awesome working in technology. It’s even more awesome working in technology in Austin. The small-city vibe encourages a sense of camaraderie amongst all of us that work in this field. It is the perfect environment for startups to share their ideas, and the TechCrunch event last night proved that we Austinites have much to offer the tech world. Three of us ventured to The Stage on 6th last night to the TechCrunch Austin meetup to watch a startup “Pitch-Off.” Here is a summary of the winning startups.… keep reading
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  • Twitter’s Recent API Changes and How It Affects Your Business

    21 September 2012
    Twitter has made indefinite changes to the way third-party apps use Twitter’s application interface (API). Although warning went out this summer that the change was coming, no one expected it to be this drastic. How drastic the changes are and how these changes will affect your business depends on several aspects, which I’ll outline here. Say it isn’t so. Sorry, but it is. Twitter has made indefinite changes to the way third-party apps use Twitter’s application interface (API). Although warning went out this summer that the change was coming, no one expected it to be this drastic.… keep reading
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