• Spark Joy: Marie Kondo Your Website in Preparation for Your Content Migration

    6 February 2019
    Marie Kondo has set the world on fire with the release of her bestselling decluttering guide The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the related Netflix series Tidying Up, which is perfect binge watching material! Minimalism and decluttering are not new concepts, but Marie presents them as a fun, refreshing, and practical take on getting rid of things you don’t need. And these concepts don’t just apply to your home or office. They can apply to creative works as well, and that includes your website.… keep reading
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  • CURTIS Digital is Featured Amongst Leading Web Developers in Austin on Clutch 2019

    1 February 2019
    At CURTIS Digital, we provide custom designed software and websites that not only meet the fast-pace technological demands of today, but also adapt to current client and market needs. Our service lines focus on custom software development, web development, and UX design. Our Austin-based company, made up of highly skilled engineers, has worked with an eclectic group of clients ranging from large enterprise businesses to medium-sized and small businesses. Our hard work in the development industry hasn’t gone unnoticed. We now have a profile on Clutch, where we’re listed as one of the top web development companies in Austin in 2019.… keep reading
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  • Beyond User Interface: The Age of Bots

    22 December 2016
    ATTACHMENT DETAILS Image filter Beyond User Interface The Age of Bots
    Perhaps you’ve heard of Donut. Donut is a bot, and he (yes — Donut is male), pairs colleagues for coffee chats. He runs through the office chat app Slack, and he’s not in the bot pen alone. Slack, the messaging medium of choice for 3+ million daily users, hosts over 150 chatbots. Virtual robots that function through text commands, they offer everything from personalized health info to restaurant recommendations. Type in “offers for hotel.com,” and the Discount Hero bot will show you room deals.… keep reading
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  • 13 Challenges of Content Migration Infographic

    19 October 2016
    CURTIS Digital - 13 Challenges of Enterprise Content Migration… keep reading
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  • The Importance of Infographics in Conveying Information

    According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of the population are “visual learners.”  Within any given market, a significant spectrum of the potential audience is comprised of people who are more likely to respond to image-based media than to paragraphs of text. Kissmetrics suggests that articles with images get 94% more views than those without. The profusion and accessibility of visual content, particularly with the rise of mobile devices and image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, is a testament to the fact that we are living in an increasingly visual culture.… keep reading
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  • Agile Burndown Charts and Why You Need Them

    27 October 2014
    If you search for “Burndown chart example” on Google images, as we software folk are wont to do, you’ll stumble across this little gem:Whether or not you have a deeply rooted appreciation for internet memes, there is no denying the fact that Boromir/Sean Bean/Ned Stark is right. One does not simply ignore the burndown chart. If you’re new to Agile development or simply have not used burndown charts in the past, you might be wondering what insight they might bring you.… keep reading
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  • Planning for Software Maintenance: How to Prevent “Old Software”

    2 September 2014
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    Planning for Software Maintenance: How to Prevent “Old Software"
    Many first time software buyers don’t know to consider software maintenance when planning their annual budgets. This shortsightedness is understandable—software is expensive to build and most dev shops don’t want to spend a lot of time on long tail cost curves. It can also be difficult to convince buyers to continue spending more money on products after the final invoice is paid. So, why should product owners anticipate additional costs down the line? Simply put, just because your product is working as expected does not mean that it will continue to work in the future.… keep reading
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  • Agile User Story Workshop – Tips for Gathering Stakeholder Feedback

    CURTIS Digital tips for Agile User story workshops
    An Agile Story can be defined as ” short, simple description of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system – Mike Cohn” Earlier this year we had a complex CMS project where we needed to help the Project Owner gather stories from internal stakeholders. We typically have a storybuilding workshop with our clients, but the number and locations of the stakeholders on this project made that unfeasible.… keep reading
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  • Benefits of Agile: Increased Customer Collaboration

    28 August 2014
    Importance of Communication and the role of Agile
    Over the course of the last year, CURTIS Digital made the switch from being a primarily Waterfall software agency to an Agile one. If you are at all familiar with the software world, you likely know that each methodology has an almost cult-like following. Jumping ship from one to another is a little unusual—it’s like waking up in the morning as a firm right-wing conservative and deciding by the end of the day that you are actually a staunch Marxist (or vice versa).… keep reading
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  • Improving User Experience, One Field at a Time – Again

    CURTIS Digital User Experience one field at a time
    Most of the systems we develop here are CURTIS Digital now have a input pattern around Twitter handle inputs, e.g., @quotientaustin or @social_quotient . This is commonly found in a user profile management screen, a content management system CMS form, or integrated systems where several Twitter handles are parsed for data to present in another context. There are several common ways to approach this request to the user.Text input box with each handle separated by a comma Text area with each item on a new row A repeating text input – so users can keep adding another Tag inputWe find that users often have issues with these input criteria – similar to the input of http:// found in our previous post , users are unsure if they need to enter the @ sign or just the name as they copy from other sources.… keep reading
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