• Spark Joy: Marie Kondo Your Website in Preparation for Your Content Migration

    6 February 2019
    Marie Kondo has set the world on fire with the release of her bestselling decluttering guide The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the related Netflix series Tidying Up, which is perfect binge watching material! Minimalism and decluttering are not new concepts, but Marie presents them as a fun, refreshing, and practical take on getting rid of things you don’t need. And these concepts don’t just apply to your home or office. They can apply to creative works as well, and that includes your website.… keep reading
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  • CURTIS Digital is Featured Amongst Leading Web Developers in Austin on Clutch 2019

    1 February 2019
    At CURTIS Digital, we provide custom designed software and websites that not only meet the fast-pace technological demands of today, but also adapt to current client and market needs. Our service lines focus on custom software development, web development, and UX design. Our Austin-based company, made up of highly skilled engineers, has worked with an eclectic group of clients ranging from large enterprise businesses to medium-sized and small businesses. Our hard work in the development industry hasn’t gone unnoticed. We now have a profile on Clutch, where we’re listed as one of the top web development companies in Austin in 2019.… keep reading
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