• Amazon Solid State Drive Benchmarks

    24 August 2012
    One big missing feature from the cloud and namely Amazon was its disk speed or disk i/o performance. Here at CURTIS Digital we care a lot of about speed, as an early adopter of solid state drives I have been on the lookout for a server offering more specifically a cloud offering that could let us leverage the speed we have on all of our workstations for our deployed applications. This would also alleviate a lot of the diskI/O related limitations and obstacles associated with the cloud.… keep reading
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  • MTV Names Artist Growth Best Music App

    23 August 2012
    Austin, TX – CURTIS Digital, a leading technology service company, is proud to announce the app it developed for Artist Growth has been named Best Music App by the MTV O Music Awards. Artist Growth is a revolutionary mobile software platform of intuitive tools that easily manage all of the daily tasks facing musicians-from aspiring amateurs to seasoned talents. Users can monitor all daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects and steadily grow business, all from one robust interface. MTV’s O Music Awards celebrates the best in digital music.… keep reading
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  • Developing a Cross-Channel UX Strategy

    22 August 2012
    User Experience Designers (UXD) architect interfaces for several device and platform types. And, we must have a general understanding of how our design may be rendered in all of them — mindful of all the details and elements that maintain the brand identity while also adhering to business objectives and advocating for the end-users. A cross-channel user experience strategy is the process of tying all of the encounters a user could possibly have with a brand into a consistent and total customer experience.… keep reading
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  • AWS Glacier – Big & Slow But Cost-Effective & Good

    22 August 2012
    When it comes to cloud services and software, Amazon has been one of the pack leaders for quite some time. The company recently released a new cloud storage service that promises to revolutionize how businesses consider their backup needs. Below is a look at the specifications of Amazon’s Glacier and how it promises to be one of the leading services in cloud data archiving and a vital addition to any company’s IT solutions. A Brief Look at Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS is Amazon’s Cloud service division.… keep reading
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